Instrument Pilot Trainer

Instrument Pilot Trainer 1.0

Only simulator designed to turn instrument students into instrument pilots

The only simulator software designed to turn instrument students into instrument pilots. The only flight simulator that can show, teach, and test you on all the IFR procedures in the Instrument PTS. IP Trainer is the only IFR flight simulator software with a foundation of artificial intelligence in the form of a virtual instrument flight instructor (CFII), the only interactive simulator software courseware designed exclusively for instrument students, and the only program that can compare its knowledge of the Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards against a student's real-time flight simulation performance. Most importantly, while you're using IP Trainer Aviation Simulator Software to build a solid foundation of instrument skills, you'll also be saving money. With IP Trainer Simulator Software, users consistently attain their Instrument Rating with less dual time and with less expense than students who rely on traditional methods alone, saving an average of $1,000 in their total training costs for the rating. With a built-in CFII, spoken ATC guidance, the comprehensive Instrument Flying textbook, and a full complement of IFR lessons, IP Trainer is the single best way to bring instrument training home.

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